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March 14th, 2016 by admin

Gym Locations

Gym Contact Numbers

Please use the following numbers if (1) the gym is not open and you can’t find the custodian or (2) for any other facility related issue.

For Cupertino, Hyde, Miller and Kennedy Middle Schools.
 (408) 996-0799 (answering service) or (408) 888-7941 (security cell)

For Moreland West CC, call the Operations and Maintenance Dept @ (408) 874-2971.

For Cupertino HS, call the General Contact # (408) 203-7012.

For Campbell CC, call the Building Attendant @ (408) 761-0350.

Gym Usage Rules (courtesy of Tri Cities)

It is time to remind everyone how fragile our gym situation is. We cannot afford to lose any gym space. There are many other basketball leagues that would love to have our gyms.
> Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, smoking or drugs anywhere on school property.
> No smoking in gyms.
> No food or drink (e.g., Gatorade, Sports Drinks, juice) other than water in gyms. Wipe up water spills.
> Pick up all trash generated by your teams and keep gyms clean at all times. Wipe mud off your shoes before entering gyms.
> The last team to use the facilities should turn off lights and close all doors upon leaving the gym, and inspect gym for litter or spillage.
> Absolutely no pets in the gym.
> Do not disrupt other activities at the school.
> Do not linger after your allotted practice times. Some coaches from other organizations do not want others at their practices.
> When parking, please observe posted restrictions.
> Monitor siblings at all times. Do not allow siblings to run around unsupervised.
> If you move equipment, then put it back after your game/practice.
> If you notice something obviously wrong with the gym upon entering, call Robin @ 408-952-2441 ASAP. (i.e., prior damage, door left open prior to arrival with no other group present at gymnasium, spills/litter on the court)
> Do not disturb or touch any school related decorations, signs, posters.
> Keep children away from the equipment/props on the multipurpose room stages at Cupertino Middle School.
Respect the school facilities, we are their guests. Let’s maintain our good relationship with the administration and staff. If you see any of the custodians, be pleasant and friendly. Offering an extra snack or beverage can help build rapport. Any nice gesture will improve our standing with the School.
Failure to abide by the above rules could result in loss of CHoops practice/game time. And, as we all know, less gym time translates to less players that we can accomodate.

Thank You,
The C-Hoops Board