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October 25th, 2016 by robin

Q: Does C-Hoops pay any salary to its board?

A: No. C-Hoops is a 501(c)3 non-for-profit organization. Our tax ID is 77-0319711. Everyone is a volunteer and, aside from (1) the satisfaction of providing a positive, competitive and fun league for kids to play in, (2) the occasional pat on the back and (3) a board dinner at the end of the season, does not receive a salary for his/her work.

Q: Is my registration fee tax deductible?

A: No. The fee for your son/daughter to participate in C-Hoops is not tax deductible.

Q: Can C-Hoops use your help?

A: Yes! C-Hoops is a non-profit volunteer-run organization. The success of the season rests on the involvement of volunteers. It takes a fair bit of work to run the league, and we are always looking for new folks to join our team. Please consider helping us, and if you can’t, please be patient with and appreciative of those that do.

Here are some volunteer jobs: registration helper, evaluation helper, uniform distributor, photo packet distributor, photo day helper, photo distributor, gym monitor, scoreboard operator.

Q: What teams (grades and levels) does C-Hoops have?

A: 4th-5th Grade Girls
Mostly 6th Grade Girls
6th-7th-8th Grade Girls
6th-7th-8th Grade Girls Competitive
4th-5th Grade Boys
6th-7th-8th Grade Boys
6th-7th-8th Grade Boys Competitive

Players must be at least 9yrs old by Sept 1st and may play in one of the above divisions.

Sub-divisions are typically created for divisions with 8 or more teams. For example, in 6th-7th-8th Grade Competitive, there may be Comp-A and Comp-B sub-divisions.

Q: What about 3rd Graders?

A: 3rd Graders must receive C-Hoops Board approval to play. Approval is typically only given if the 3rd Grader has played in an organized league previously and a parent is coaching.

Q: What about High Schoolers?

A: Although C-Hoops did field a High School division many years ago, it currently does not. It was decided that the community would be better served by increasing the number teams at the elementary and junior high level where the demand is the greatest.

Q: How long is the season?

A: Practices start in early Nov, with an end of year tournament in mid Feb to early Mar. There is only one season a year. (The board needs the rest of the year to recover!)

Q: Is experience required?

A: Experience in an organized league (YMCA, SYBL, Community Center, NJB, Camps, …) is recommended prior to joining C-Hoops, but not required. Most players entering the league have played elsewhere or have attended camps/clinics.

Q: How are teams formed?

A: Teams are formed by the league. The following items are considered:

(1) coach/teammate requests,

(2) evaluation results (height, speed, skill, experience),

(3) 4/5 graders: assessment (based on interview questions) at registration and/or

(4) school.

Q: What are the evaluations for?

A: Evaluations are typically held for all 6th-7th-8th Graders between registration and the start of the season. The results are used to assign players to the appropriate division (regular or Competitive) and to assist with forming balanced teams.

Typically, the 6th-7th-8th Grade Competitive divisions are divided into Comp-A and Comp-B sub-divisions depending on the number of teams and evaluation results.

Evaluations may also be held for 4th-5th Graders.

Q: When and where are practices and games?

A: Teams will typically have 2 one hour practices per week (week nites; 6pm and later) at Sunnyvale, Cupertino, West San Jose and Campbell middle/high schools and community centers. Games are typically held on Saturday at Fremont High School and Sunday at Cupertino High School, with some mid-week games. Practices start in late Oct/early Nov. Games start in early Dec, with a end of year tournament in mid Feb/early Mar.

Q: When will I be notified about my team’s practice nites/times/location?

A: Your coach will contact you and provide that information following the Coaches Kickoff Meeting, which occurs the weekend prior to the start of the season.

Q: Can I request my son/daughter be assigned a practice location near my home/office?

A: No, we can’t support those requests. The player’s geographical location is not taken into account when forming teams. Fortunately, our practice gyms are all located in the Cupertino and West San Jose area so this tends to work out fine for most, if not all, players.

Q: Can I request my son/daughter be assigned specific practice days during the week?

A: No, we can’t support those requests. It would not be practical to accommodate individual player schedules. Practice schedules can also vary a bit from week to week, based on the availability of the gyms which the league rents.

Q: Against whom do C-Hoops teams play?

A: All games are played between C-Hoops teams.

Q: Do I need to live within the Cupertino or West San Jose area?

A: No.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The registration fee for the season is listed on the About pg. This includes a uniform and a basic photo package. There is a discount for reusing your uniform from a previous yr.

Q: When can I register?

A: Registration usually starts in mid to late September. Keep checking the website for details as the date approaches. Also, make sure to join our Announcements EMail Group to stay informed of the registration dates.

Q: What do I need to do to register?

A: Go to the Forms pg and fill out the Online Pre-Registration Form. After you submit the form, a confirmation Email will be sent to the provided addresses. Check your Email for the pre-registration confirmation. Print the confirmation Email and bring it along with your registration fee (check made to Cupertino Hoops or cash) to the appropriate registration night – location and date on the Home pg.

Q: Will everyone that registers be placed on a team?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee placement of all who register. We would love to place every child on a team. However, we have limited gym availability and, unfortunately, are unable to accommodate everyone and, at the same time, maintain our twice-a-week practices and once-a-week games.

Q: When will I be notified whether I have been placed on a team?

A: Following the Coaches Kickoff Meeting, which occurs the weekend prior to the start of the season, you will be contacted by either (1) your coach if you have been placed on a team or (2) the appropriate division manager if you have not been placed on a team and are on the wait-list.

Q: How is the registration priority determined?

A: Children of board members, children of coaches and returning families (including siblings of returning players) have the highest priority. These groups are allowed to complete the registration process on the first registration night.

All other players must complete the registration process after the first night. Their relative priority will be based on the time they submit their printed pre-registration confirmation Email in-person to the registration helpers on the appropriate registration night.

Q: What happens if my child is on the wait-list?

A: Once the pre-defined number of spots per division are filled at registration, all subsequent registrants are placed on the wait-list. Some number of wait-listed players are asked to take part in evaluations.

Players are pulled from the wait-list as spots open up due to players dropping out or as teams are added due to adjustments in the number of teams per division.  This can occur from immediately after the last registration date until early Dec.

Registration fees are not deposited until a player is placed on a team.

Players are typically moved off the wait-list in the order that they registered.  There are exceptions.  For example,

(1) if the league needs an additional coach and one of the parents is eligible to coach, a player may be pulled in that is deeper in the wait-list

(2) if a coach is willing to take players beyond the normal roster size (typically 10), he can request a player or players that are not at the top of the wait-list

(3) if a Comp-A team needs a player, but the players at the top of the wait-list are Rec or Comp-B level players, a player may be pulled in that is deeper in the wait-list

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Dropout requests must be made via Email or phone call to the league. 100% refund 2wks prior to start of practices; 80% refund up to 2wks after start of practices; 50% refund after that and prior to first game. Uniform must be returned.

Q: What is the parent pledge?

A: Cupertino Hoops asks that parents read and agree to the following.

I understand that the top three reasons kids play sports are to have fun, make new friends, and learn new skills. I understand that the game is for the kids and that I pledge to focus my energy on my child having fun and in keeping basketball in its proper perspective. I pledge to “Honor the Game.” I understand the importance of being a good example of sportsmanship to my children and all associated with the game. No matter what others may do, I will show respect for all involved in the game including coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans and officials. I understand that officials, coaches, and players make mistakes. If the official makes a “bad” call against my team, I will Honor the Game and be silent! I agree to honor the Cupertino Hoops Parent Pledge in my words and actions.

Q: What is the liability waiver?

A: Cupertino Hoops asks that parents read and agree to the following.

On behalf of my minor child (player named on this application), I hereby apply for his/her participation in Cupertino Hoops and do request Cupertino Hoops to accept this application. I hereby warrant that both myself and my child are familiar with the risks associated with participation in an active sport such as basketball. I do hereby agree and consent to my child’s participation in Cupertino Hoops during the current season and do assume all risks and hazards which are part of the conduct of the associated activities. I hereby release, absolve, indemnify, and hold blameless the Cupertino Hoops League, a California nonprofit corporation, its officers, directors, employees, agents and their sponsors, organizers, and supervisors of any and all liability for damage, injury, or expense of any kind arising out of or connected with my child’s participation in Cupertino Hoops. I am hereby informed that all rostered players are covered by an insurance policy in case of accident or medical emergency while participating in an activity sponsored by Cupertino Hoops. I further understand that in case of a medical emergency, my own personal medical plan, if I have one, will be used prior to the insurance provided through Cupertino Hoops. If I do not have a personal plan, the insurance provided by Cupertino Hoops will take effect immediately. As a condition of participation in the Cupertino Hoops program by the player named in this application, I acknowledge that I have read this consent form, and knowingly, on behalf of my child, assume all of the risks associated with participating in any way in the Cupertino Hoops program.